The Way Back這部片光看預告就覺得很刺激

The Way Back這部片光看預告就覺得很刺激
裡面竟然還有Colin Farrell
最後那句Just keep walking

Sign the confession.
If they find this, they can kill you here.
If you are serious about making a run for it
I'm with ya.
We must keep going.
But the snow is blinding us!
Don't you see?
This is perfect.They'll never find us like this.
We're lost.
Someone's been following us.
She needs water.
We can barely feed ourselves.
She comes with us.
They'll kill us all.
We're already dying.
Tastes like chicken.
Yeah, a big black poisonous chicken with no legs.
We'll never be able to forgive ourselves.
I have to get back.
Go over the Himilayas? How?
We walk.
Just keep walking.