How to know if a girl likes you

Hi guys, I’m going to be talking to you about: How to know… How to pick up on signals and subconscious languages that show you that a girl likes you. And if you are interested, stay tuned.

Okay, the first thing is… umm, this can be very common. If you walk into her room that she is on her own. You come sit by her and whatever. She notices that it’s you. She might do something called “preening”, or she might fluff up her hair, she might adjust her clothing, she might redo her makeup. And this can be a very definite sign that she likes you, because she is trying to look good for you, make sure that she is looking pretty enough for you or whatever.

Second sign is when, uh, when you talk to her… This is a pretty obvious sign. When you talk to her, she might blush, she might stutter, or you know, nervous, stuffs like that. She gets all frigidy. You know, just simple things like that.

The third sign is if she holds your gaze longer than an average person a lot or shorter. So if you look at her and she looks away quickly…uh, not turns her whole head, but you know what I mean. If she moves away from your eye contact very quickly, this could definitely show that she likes you, or if she tries to hold it longer than most people.

The fourth thing is if she kind of plays like a damsel in distress. Like if you are with her, um, for example, you may be outside and it’s very cold out, and she will give subtle hints that she is cold and that she wants a jacket. Well, this is kind of her saying that “Lend me your jacket”, you know, something like that.

The fifth sign is, um, very common, but it may not be, um, an exact way to tell if a girl likes you or not, because some people are just a bit more touchy-feely people. But, um, usually when a girl likes you, she is going to touch your arm a lot when she talks to you, um, she is going to brush against you, do anything to kind of, you know, touch you, and let you know that she’s there.

The sixth thing is that she might show up (at) places where you are going. Um, it’s not a coincidence. It’s really not. Um, let’s say, she…you and her were talking one day at school. And you mentioned that you were going to stop by a restaurant on Thursday, 4 o’clock, for dinner, something like that. Well, she’s probably going to get one of her friends, and, um, go there at the same exact time that you are. And that is a very, very, very obvious thing.

The seventh thing is, um, if you notice when she’s around her friends and you are around with them, if her friends giggle at you a lot and make fun of her like: “Oh, blah blah blah…” “Look at him!” you know, something like that. This is a sure sign that she likes you.

The eighth sign is pretty obvious again. If she asks you a lot about a girlfriend, or what’s your preference in girls, or you know, she might do something like pull off a picture of a girl and be like: “Oh, isn’t she super pretty?” and, um, she might try to wait for your response and see if you say: “Oh, you are prettier”, something like that.

Another sign and this is a fool-proof sign, but, um. It’s when… Let’s say, if you have friends over, she gets in, she flirts with your friends in front of you, or she talks about the boyfriend that she doesn’t have. You know, stuffs that kind of spark jealousy, to see if you were responding in jealousy manners. So then she can tell whether, you know, you like her or not. Um, you know, it might be anything from talking about how hot a movie star is, to flirting with your best friends. So it really depends. And then another thing to look for and this is fool-proof either. But, um, if she posts up like a picture of a really pretty friend that she has or that you have, a mutual friend or something, and she talks about how pretty she is. Well, that’s, um, her kind of saying like: “Oh, are you going to comment me then,” and say, you know, “Am I that pretty?” or, you know, she’s hoping that you’ll say: “Oh, I thought you are way prettier,” or something like that.

Alright, well, I hope that these signs help you guys figure out whether she likes you or not. And if (you) have any more questions, common below or send me messages. okay, bye-bye!

Oh, and I just wanna say that, these are not scientific. They are not. I have done some researches, and I…um…I’m not a psychologist, I wanna major in psychology, but, um, I’m not at any point near. And these are just from personal experience, from my research done, and from, like my friends talking, stuffs like just observing being a girl. So, alright, you have a good night. Bye-bye.