Back-to-School Hairstyles

Hey guys, I was requested by a few of you to do some back-to-school hairstyles that require no heat, no hairspray, and no complicated braids. So here four quick styles you can try out in the morning that will definitely spice up your day and this might even make your crush notice you, or not. I can’t guarantee anything. So if you guys wanna learn how to do these easy hairstyles, keep on watching.

1.Twisted Headband
The Twisted Headbands favor people who want hair out of their face and it also works on curly hair. So what you wanna do first is section your hair of the top and divide it to two equal strands. Then you are going to take these strands and twist them together counterclockwise once. Then with the next strand, you are gonna pick up hair close to your face and then corporate it into the twist. So as you can see, I’m always picking up hair and then twisting it. When you reach the area where your ears are, just continue to twist the two strands together without picking up any hair. When you’re done twisting all your hair, just grab a clip, and pin it at the back for now. Then do the exact thing – twist to the other side of your head. When that’s done, grab an elastic band and gather it to the back, finding your other twist and then combining them together and tying it. When you are done, it should look like this. If this is your first time, it may be a little loose. So it does take practice, but it’s super quick and easy to do.

2.Flip-in Half Updo
This one looks nice and is also super easy to do. All you have to do is part your hair in half. I’d like to start with where my ears are. Grab a hair tie, and tie off that section. Now about the hair tie, I’m going to make a little loop, and I’m going to loop the ponytail right inside that hole. And that’s about it. Add here accessories if you want to. Here it is all done. If you have straight hair, this will look really nice. And if you have curly hair, you might have to straighten your hair first, because I’ve never tried this on curly hair before.

3.Pompadour & Side Braid
This is another cute hairstyle that is extremely easy to do. First, I’m going to create a little pompadour above my head by just grabbing some hair and adding as much as I want to it. So I’m just going to grab some more from each side. Then I’m going to push my hair forward to create a little bump, and with bobby pins, I’m going to pin that part down. I’d like to use two bobby pins and cross them together to keep the bump in place. Now I’m going to gather my hair all to one side, and braid this section into a regular three-strand braid. You can even do a fishtail braid, but if you are really pressed for time, then a regular three-strand braid will suffice. Now I’m going to use my small elastic band and tie the ends off. Then I’m just going to stretch out the braid to make it look fuller and bigger. So I’m just going to tug on each strand. If you have a layer hair like I do, all you have to do is just pin the strands back so that everything will look neat. I’m also going to use a flower pin to just pin my front layer away. And that’s the completed look. I used to wear my hair like this all the time, especially when the pompadour was really in. But I haven’t done it for a while so it was nice to do it again.

4.Messy High Bun
And lastly we have the Messy High Bun. If you prefer low buns, just tie your hair lower. But for me, I’m going to do a higher bun. So I’m going to just make the really high ponytail, and since I like it on the side, I’m going to position the ponytail on the side. To add more buns into my hair, I’m going to back comb the ponytail with just a regular comb. And you don’t need any hairspray, because this is gonna go into a bun later. When that’s done, just grab the ponytail, and twist it around into a circle. Then just wrap them around each other. Then grab a tiny little elastic band and just put that overall back here. And this will give you a really messy look. If you don’t want your bun too big, just connect it down with some bobby pins. Add a flower, clip to complete the look and we’re done. So here’s the front and the back of the bun. It’s really messy. This is also the hairstyle I sported in that milkshake video and some people are asking about it. I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial and I will talk to you in my next one, bye!