How To Tell If A Guy Is Attracted To You Instantly

Ok, so here are some quick tips on how to tell a guy is interested or attracted to you. Most women come to me asking these questions: What are the signs? How do I tell if a guy is really into me? Alright, here you go. Here’s a few of them.

Firstly: Proximity.
Okay, does he find ways to get close to you? So, look for any interaction where you see him drifting closer to you if you are in a bar or a bookstore. Can you feel him getting closer? Most guys, if they are in the book store, and they are, say looking for a book because of the woman over there. They start to drift closer and conveniently look for a book right near her. So look for him trying to find proximity. You will find that guys who are attracted always tend to start gravitating towards you.

Secondly: Touch.
Okay, does he look for ways to touch you? Now, these don’t have to be sexy or sleazy. Just look for ways where he tries to touch you, even silly ways. Even a guy wanting a thumb-war, can be a good sign, or if he high-fives you, or if he just puts his hand on your back, or anything like that, all communicate levels of interest. Because as guys, we will always look for ways to touch the women we like, even in a playful way. So it’s not a bad thing, but it’s giving you the right signals.

Okay, so what else? Um, His Body.
When he talks to you, does he lean in? Okay, sometimes if we are in a loud environment, a lot (of us) we call this packing as well, (because) if a guy keeps coming in like this to talk to you, and you get every time you speak, he comes in to listen, then (it’s) awfully in the case level of attraction. So look for times when he brings his body close yours and he starts to really lean in to the conversation, as opposed to being really overly chill down and laid-back.

And lastly: Smiling.
Okay, how much does he smile when he is talking to you? This is really important. Because that will indicate a lot about how attracted he is. Does he speak to you and really laugh when you say stuff? Does he really smile? Does he look really engaged, like he is having fun? Because we are talking to someone we are attracted to, we think that bad jokes are funny and we just smile when they are talking normally. Because we are attracted, we are interested, and we can’t hide it. It’s like painted on.

So look for those things: proximity, touch, look at his body language: Is he leaning in? And is he smiling? Is he laughing? Look for those things. I’ll be back with more, because there’s obviously more things you can look for. And I’ll see you next time. Take care, bye!