Jeremy Lin plays in NBA

Jeremy Lin: “Right after the draft, Donnie Nelson called me and said he wanted me to play for this, the Mav summer league team. Playing in NBA summer league, is an opportunity of a life time, because every single NBA team is here watching. This is the best stage to try to gain NBA contract, especially if you are undrafted. And so, I mean, this is absolutely an opportunity of a life time, especially if you want to make it to the NBA.”

Broadcaster: “In order to be drafted, to make impression in summer league, Jeremy Lin, out of Harvard, led Harvard with the best season in school history. He has made an impression, hasn’t he? Oh, he’s made a great impression. He went to the summer league camp with the Dallas Mavericks and they cut him. And Golden State picked him up.”

Correspondent: “Congratulations on signing up your first deal. How does it feel?”

Jeremy Lin: “Uh, it’s a dream-come-true. And it’s been really fun ever since we signed, so I’m looking forward to it. When I got to Dallas, I played with the Mavericks for summer league, and I didn’t ask for any number, so they gave me number seven. I said if I make it to the NBA from the summer league, I’m gonna keep number seven. So that why I did it.”

Jeremy Lin: “My immediate goal is to, you know, get in the rotation and eventually become a start point guard. This is just the start of the dream, you know, and there are so much more to learn, so much more to prove on. And just to keep that mindset throughout (the) first few years to see what that takes me.”

Narrator: “Jeremy Lin on loan from the Warriors to Horn’s game”

Jeremy Lin: “From the Oakland, come down here , is as really … has been a blessing in disguise for me. I mean, I really learned that this is good. This is huge of my development as a player. And so, I was trying to take advantages. I was just gonna try to learn and grow and wait for my ready to come back up.”

Broadcaster: “Here’s Lin, MVP out of the D-league, wait for the first launch. Here’s the stripping. Lin throws ahead to Tony Douglas, up for the layup, banks it in. Here’s the little spark we talk about.” “Nice throw inside to Jeffries.” “Once again he tries… Banks it in.” “When Williams puts his hand down, and Lin forces this to a jump ball. A fine play Jeremy continues.” “To Lin, Lin puts it up and puts it in, Jeremy Lin, once again! Jeremy Lin has fired up and he has these crowd fired up.” “Took a step, alley-oop to Chandler. Oh, beautiful pass from Lin. And Jeremy Lin continues to excite these crowd.” “Alley-oop to Chandler. Jeremy Lin puts it up again, and Chandler’s drawn it down.” “He drives in to the basket, and he does it again, and a chance for a three-point play.” “Inside to Chandler, diving on the floor.” “Block by Pedro, gets to the rim, count and a foul.” “Jeremy, knocks it down, career high fifteen and the Knicks takes the lead.” “Lin looking to penetrate, jump-shot, it’s got in. Champion Lin, continues his magical night.” “Lin on the drives, inside to Stoudemire, he’s got it, amazing, his seventh assist.” “Lin to the basket, reverse layup, he puts it in. What a play by Jeremy Lin!” “Defense to shot clock rings, he splits the defense again, gets to the rim, puts it in, wow, and a foul. Jeremy Lin does it again!” “Again, the cross-over, the basket, puts it up, puts it in. Jeremy Lin, puts 25.” “The magical night for Jeremy Lin. He is a hero from Harvard.”