your proposal has been duly noted.

your proposal has been duly noted.
i feel dubious about the decision.
An elegant edifice superseded Mr. Lin's modest house.
This miracle drug would have some efficacy in preventing diabetes.
Speechless with ecstasy,I stared you in the eyes.
I never falter in my determination.
The actor performed feats of daring in this film.
Paying tax is every citizen's feasance.
The ax cut the flesh of my hand.
I felt sick from breathing in paint fumes.
I am singing gaily.
The two women had been garroted.
I am afraid of geckos.
He won the game because I goofed
I dont like to eat hakes.
Hedgehog,with dense spones on its back,will roll into a ball for
I had a hectic day in the scholl.
I was hectored to do it.
He didnt hedd my warning and insisted on the follish plan.